Phoebe Abrams, played by Lily Collins, was a recurring character introduced in the First series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Phoebe was a popular girl at West Beverly Hills High School. She was due to throw a big after-prom party, but once Harry Wilson found out about her party, he pretty much killed it by announcing to the entire student body that he would be there, as he suspected that underage drinking was to occur.

Phoebe mistakenly believed that Annie Wilson was responsible for telling her father about the party and was abrasive towards her. Later, Phoebe and her boyfriend, Duncan, gave Annie, Ethan Ward, and Dixon Wilson a ride, but Phoebe didn't even want to talk to Annie during the ride, or even have her looking at her.

Later, Annie found Phoebe drunk and throwing up in the new location of the party, Naomi Clark's house, and offered to give her a ride home.