Patrick Westhill, portrayed Chris McKenna is a recurring character in 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.


Patrick is a rich man that Annie Wilson meets while working as an escort for Bree. Used to being involved in group dates, Annie balks when she shows up and it is just her and Patrick.

Patrick calls Bree the next day and asks to see Annie again which makes Annie feel more interested in him once Bree told her that he never has asked for a specific girl before. Annie agrees to go on another date with him, they start a relationship, and Patrick shows that he cares about her feelings and problems.

Patrick keeps on paying for everything and she starts feeling like a client and not his girlfriend, which leads to several arguments between the two of them.

When Patrick travels to Las Vegas for a couple days to work, Annie decides to surprise him when Naomi Clark takes her there with a group of friends. It is there that Annie catches him with another girl. Annie later confronts him about cheating and seeks to break up with him, but Patrick insists they were in a open relationship. Annie later agrees to an open relationship because she needed money to help Dixon get into rehab.

Later on, Patrick calls and asks Annie to go to Hawaii with him and spend time with him and his girlfriend. Annie seems disgusted by the idea, but is hesitant since she needs the money. She is interrupted by Liam and ends the phone call. Annie and Liam talk and end up sleeping together. Annie then calls it off with Patrick.

When Annie releases a book as an anonymous author which includes an account of her relationship with him, Patrick finds out and confronts Annie. He threatens her family if she ruins his own.

When Dixon Wilson learns that he was threatened, he confronts Patrick and tells him to bring it on, telling him he wasn't scared of him. Patrick confronts Annie after she exposes herself as the author on national television. Patrick then frames Mark Holland for drug possession when he puts cocaine into his travel bag and it is flagged at the airport.

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