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Pam Scanlon was a fictional recurring character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Pam was the mother of Scott Scanlon and was first seen approaching David Silver, almost forcing him to plan a surprise birthday party for Scott. Oblivious to David's and Scott's deteriorating friendship, she was insistent that David continue to be a part of Scott's life.

She was constantly critical, always finding fault in everything. After Scott accidentally kills himself with his father's gun, Pam attended the funeral and overwhelmed David with introducing him to mourners. She later showed up at school and told David to come by and get some things of Scott's. She and David, both grieving in different ways, got into an argument which upset Pam enough to leave the room.

David and Pam made up later, as David brought her a video of Scott while she provided Scott's cowboy hat for David to include in the school's time capsule.

A year later, Pam began having problems with Sue, especially when Henry came to visit. Sue began to rebel and made up a story about Gil Meyers trying to seduce her. However, at dinner with Andrea Zuckerman and Henry, Sue confessed that she was the one who tried to seduce Gil. However, it was later revealed that Henry had been molesting Sue. Pam and the rest of the Scanlons moved away to Oklahoma to start over.


Pam was in a total of 2 episodes.

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