Ozzie Cardoza ,portrayed by Michael Trevino, is a recurring character in the first season of the 90210 franchise


Ozzie Cardoza is a high school student at West Beverly Hills High. His parents own a restaurant, which he works at. Ozzie is interested in having a relationship. Naomi wants a table at Ozzie's restaurant for her and her friends. Ozzie gives Naomi the table but says he will owe him. Later at the WBHH Lacrosse championship, Ozzie tells Naomi that for his favor he needs a kiss. Naomi kiss' Ozzie. Ozzie soon reveals how sweet it was but not a kiss for him. Ozzie asks Naomi to kiss Walter the wild cat, the school mascot, which further complicates Naomi and Annie's Fight.


Season 1Edit

Naomi goes to detention where the teacher points out to a sign saying, 'No Talking.' She unhappily plops down into her seat next to a boy. Ozzie begins to talk to her about being on the school posters because of her being in the running for homecoming queen. She does not want to talk to him but he keeps engaging her. The teacher then points at the sign saying no talking.

At the homecoming dance Ozzie goes up to Naomi. He tells her that his friends bet him 50 dollars that he couldn't get a dance with her. She tells him that she will pay him 100 dollars to go away. After a while, he convinces her to dance. While dancing, Naomi can't stop herself from staring at Ethan and Annie

At Silver slumber party Ozzie shares some food with Naomi out on the porch. Ozzie tells her that he doesn't like people who play games. Julio shows up and tells Naomi that Annie dissed him. Julio asks Ozzie to leave and they take off. Naomi ask Ozzy for reservations in his parents restuarant but says she owes them. The next day at a football game Ozzy tells Naomi she owes him a kiss. She kisses him, then he tells her he wanted her to kiss the school mascot, who turns out to be Annie. At school Ozzie gives Naomi his number.