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Nikki Witt is a recurring character on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Dana Barron.


Introduced during the second summer season, Nikki was originally involved in a story line surrounding David and Donna, but is best remembered today for her later appearances in Season 3, during which she met her boyfriend Brandon.


Nikki, an enthusiastic dance fan from San Francisco, was initially drawn to David’s music while visiting the Beverly Hills Beach Club during the summer. Their shared interest and fondness for each other soon led to moments of making out, with Nikki left unaware that David had a girlfriend away in Paris. David eventually restrained himself and revealed the truth about Donna, which led he and Nikki to part ways. When school began that fall, however, David soon learned that Nikki had not only come to live with her aunt in Beverly Hills, but had enrolled at West Beverly High. Being a sophomore, she was paired with a senior buddy on her first day of school. This buddy ended up being Donna, and both were initially unaware of the other’s connection to David.

Nikki eventually learned who Donna was, and the summer fling was accidentally revealed between them. However, Nikki convinced Donna that David was indeed committed to their relationship, repeating his eventual revelation that he had a girlfriend, along with his words of loyalty. The pair soon lured David into a humorous position in which Nikki pretended to come on to him—just as Donna walked in to hear him resisting. As David became panicked and confused, the girls laughed and informed him that the truth was out. Nikki then gave the couple their privacy as they acknowledged their commitment.

Brandon and Nikki


While traveling throughout her new school, Nikki literally bumped into Brandon a couple of times and became quickly smitten with his charm. After being formally introduced at a later point, the two seemed to have developed an interest in one another. However, Brandon became conflicted upon discovering that Nikki was actually a sophomore—despite encouragement and teasing from Brenda and the others. Nikki, aware that their attraction was mutual, chose to pursue her interest in Brandon, seemingly always a step ahead as she appeared in several of the places he frequented, or spoke to several of his friends. Brandon, however, remained comically torn between his attraction to Nikki and his reservations about dating someone younger. Just as Nikki seemed to be on the verge of letting go, Brandon surprised her by finally admitting his feelings. The two then became a couple.

Nikki was supportive of Brandon as he made decisions regarding a future college, but expressed a desire for him to choose a local one—which he eventually did. She also helped to pacify a heated situation on a dance floor, leading what would become a united dance between members of rival schools. Furthermore, when Nikki's abusive ex-boyfriend briefly came to town, Brandon defended her and effectively drove him off for good. Brandon and Nikki dated for months before she eventually moved back home to San Francisco due to missing her family. Amidst the matters they faced, the two grew progressively closer and discovered that age was indeed irrelevant to their compatibility.

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