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Neil, played by Peter Marc Jacobson, was a character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the continuity, appearing in the Season 2 episode Camping Trip.

Neil and his wife Alison first encountered Dylan McKay and Brenda Walsh on a camping trip in Yosemite National Park in which they had cabins next door to each other. Neil and Allison were on their honeymoon and Allison had to borrow a quarter from Brenda. Neil paid Brenda back her quarter and then the happy couple retired back to their room.

Brandon Walsh and Andrea Zuckerman later arrived to ask if they could borrow some firewood. Neil didn't seem to want to help, but Allison let them in anyway. Allison explained that she and Neil attended high school as acquaintances, but then bumped into each other later in life and hit it off.

When Allison ran out on their honeymoon, Neil found her crying with the gang in their cabin, but she wouldn't tell him what was wrong while the high school gang had already been told. He finally got it out of her that she was pregnant, despite him not wanting to have kids. Neil and Dylan argued when Neil says he'd probably warm up to the idea of kids, whereas Dylan thought he shouldn't gamble with the kid's future. Dylan apologized to both of them the next day.

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