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The romantic relationship between Navid Shirazi and Erin Silver started in Season Three.

Season 3

Things start to spark between the two when Adrianna is absent in her relationship with Navid and off with her diva antics and Navid needs someone to talk to while he and his family are going through a rough patch. He starts venting to Silver about all of his problems and eventually the two start falling for each other.

Season 4

Navid and Silver are off to a good start, living together in Silver's old apartment that Kelly gave her. Silver is still traumatized by the near suicide attempt when Adrianna attempted to switched out her pills making her have a bipolar episode. Once Navid's family goes out of the country to Sweden, his little sister Leila is forced to live in their tight apartment. Later Navid and Silver fight because Silver finds a brown paper bag with 100,000 dollars in it. Navid tells her that his Uncle Amal is using stolen cars in his stage room. Silver and Navid get into a fight. Navid goes to Princeton. Navid thinks she's going to ask him to stay but she decides she would rather not.


Navid – "No Silver, I’m really sorry. I realize that I’m completely deluded and there’s nothing between us and I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I mean first I wreck my family by reporting my dad, and now this. My friendship with you was like, the only thing that made me happy and I ruined it. I’m just an idiot, a deluded crazy idiot and..."
Silver – "Navid you’re not. It’s not all in your head; I mean I feel it too."
Navid – "You do?"
Silver – "Yeah, I do."


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