The episode began with Sandy auditioning for a part in a horror movie. She later learned that she got the part she auditioned for, but problems arose when success started going to her head and Sandy began getting on everyone's nerves. She began going out to Hollywood parties and then began alienating everyone, flaunting her success in Jake's face.


Billy and his dad argue

Meanwhile, Billy tricked Alison into going to Palm Springs with him to visit his parents. Billy's father, William, was pushing for Billy to get a real job and settle down rather than continue writing without much success. William wanted him to take over the family furniture business, but Billy was not passionate about the idea. After he tried to do the job for a while, he decided it wasn't for him and quit. Billy and his father made amends before Billy moved on with his dreams.

Rhonda and Sandy have a huge argument, which causes Sandy to want to move out, citing she would be leaving behind everyone, who had nothing going for them and are just jealous of her success. However, when Sandy refused to go topless for a scene, she got cut from the movie and the part was recast. She came back to her apartment and made up with Rhonda.


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