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Mr. Kluklinski was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in the Season 2 episode Fire and Ice.

Mr. Kluklinski was the no-nonsense skating coach of Tricia Kinney, who was training for the Olympics. He was first seen expressing discontent about Tricia's friendly competition with Brandon Walsh. Later, after Tricia has a bad practice, Mr. Kluklinski asked Brandon to leave because he was a distraction. Brandon took offense.

Mr. Kluklinski was shown to be very supportive, yet firm, when dealing with Tricia's career. After Tricia blew her tryout, Mr. Kluklinski recommended she spend some time with her family in Texas and get refocused. She later got a reprieve and Kluklinski put her back to work, eventually getting her back into the competition. Tricia followed his advice ad shut Brandon out for the remainder of her training.

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