Morgan McKellan, played by Melissa Ordway, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place (2009), the fifth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Morgan was the daughter of a wealthy man who David Breck was robbing. After Morgan caught David stealing a ring from her father's home, she was unfazed by the intruder in her home, going so far as to let him have what he came to steal and giving him a kiss goodbye.

She later showed up at his apartment, seducing him. She showed up at Coal, which David had just bought, to surprise him, but David tried to break up with her. However, Morgan blackmailed him, citing she'd tell her father he stole the ring if he didn't continue their affair.

Despite numerous attempts by David to dump her, she wouldn't go away, even bringing her father by the restaurant to meet him. Mr. McKellan threatened David if he ever hurt Morgan. Morgan later showed up at the new opening of Coal to stake claim to David in front of Lauren Yung. However, when her appearance backfired and Morgan witnessed them kissing, she told her father that he stole the ring.

Mr. McKellan showed up at the restaurant and assaulted David, threatening Lauren, and telling David that he was going to pull some jobs for him.