Models Inc. is an American drama series, which aired from 1994–1995 on the FOX television network.

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Two story lines on Melrose Place served as the precursor for this series—one involving young model Sarah Owens, the other involving Hillary Michaels, owner of the titular modeling agency and mother of Amanda Woodward. The first episode of Models Inc. follows the continued journey of Sarah as she arrives at the agency in pursuit of her goals. The story chronicled the lives of several disparate and ambitious young women from the agency, along with Hillary, who at times felt a maternal bond toward them. The initial story arc centered around the murder of model Teri Spencer and the many suspects who arose throughout the investigation.

The killer was eventually discovered and arrested, and the series was put on brief hiatus. Focus then moved to several antagonists from the past who'd come to haunt the models' personal lives—including a jealous sister, a stalker, and the powerful ex-wife of one model's boyfriend. The episode that would become the finale initially ended with a cliffhanger. Once it was determined that the series would not continue, a rebroadcast of this episode presented a conclusion to the central story line. Jake Hanson, originally introduced in the continuity's first show, was the only character to appear in both Beverly Hills, 90210 and Models Inc. He is briefly seen in the first episode alongside Jo Reynolds, a co-regular from Melrose Place.

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Models Inc. is the third series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. The show was produced by Spelling Television, and created by Charles Pratt, Jr. and Frank South. In the United States, it originally aired from the summer of 1994 until March of 1995 on the FOX television network.


Linda Gray as Hillary Michaels
Garcelle Beauvais as Cynthia Nichols
Cameron Daddo as Brian Peterson
Brian Gaskill as David Michaels
David Goldsmith as Eric Dearborn
Teresa Hill as Linda Holden
Carrie-Anne Moss as Carrie Spencer
Cassidy Rae as Sarah Owens
Stephanie Romanov as Teri Spencer/Monique Duran
Kylie Travis as Julie Dante

Recurring cast

Heather Medway as Stephanie Smith
James Wilder as Adam Louder
Don Michael Paul as Craig Bodi
Emma Samms as Grayson Louder

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