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Mitchell Nash, played by Will Kemp, is a recurring character on 90210, the fourth series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Mitchell is a famous actor who is receiving an award from the American Film Critics Society at a party that is assigned to Naomi Clark by her boss, Rachel Gray.

When Naomi and Holly Strickler arrive to pick him up for the awards, he is drunk and arrives for the show in bad shape, causing Naomi to get fired. However, he later compliments the party planner and Holly gives Naomi his card.

She approaches him a couple of weeks later and he vaguely remembers her, asking her if they hooked up. When she offers her services for event planning to him, he hires her to throw a birthday party for his daughter, Carla Nash.

Mitchell shows up to the party with his own boos and joins in the festivities until Naomi calls the party off, making Carla angry. She chastises Mitchell and Carla for letting their lives get out of control and make the same mistakes she did.

Michelle later apologizes, stating that she opened up his eyes, even wanting her to plan his 29th birthday party the next month.

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