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Douglas Atherton is a recurring character on CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Hal Ozsan.


Douglas Atherton is an English sex offender, terrorising Beverly Hills under the fake pseudonym Miles Cannon. Atherton had a record in England, soon to be uncovered by one of his victim's, Naomi, which ensured that he is extradited and imprisoned for his heinous crimes.

Season 2

In "Clark Raving Mad" it is revealed that Mr. Cannon is new faculty adviser for The Blaze. Naomi falsely accuses him of sexual harassment after he fires her from the newspaper but tells the truth eventually. In the season finale Naomi is feeling alone and leaves the graduation party early, when her car won't start in front of the school she goes inside and finds Mr. Cannon working on his documentary. He sees that she is upset and offers her a glass of water. As he closes the blinds, teacher Ryan Matthews , who is drunk, notices them through the window. When she is feeling better he holds her hand and she is visibly uncomfortable and says she should go but then he kisses her. Naomi pushes him away but he says that he knows her 'harassment fantasy' is his way of knowing that she wants him, she tries to run away but he slaps her and then tells her "Who's going to believe you? You're the girl who cried wolf." And proceeds to rape her.

Season 3

In Season 3, he returns to the High School and speaks to Naomi like nothing has happened between them. The next girl he has his eyes set on is Silver. He becomes her student advisor and grows more obsessed with her, stealing her scarf and getting personal with her about his life while asking about hers. He sees that Naomi might tell Silver what happened so he lies to her and says that Naomi offered to sleep with him and when he rejected her she couldn't handle it. When Naomi tells Silver that Mr Cannon raped her, Silver thinks she is making things up for attention and walks away.

He convinces Silver to come to his house and watch his documentary that nobody has seen, and attempts to rape her by spiking her drink, but Silver realizes that Naomi was telling the truth when she notices a quote on the documentary that only Naomi would know, and quickly leaves.

Silver and Naomi come up with a plan to 'seduce' Cannon by inviting him to a hotel and recording him being inappropriate with Silver, but he is ahead of them and brings along the school principle and the guidance counselor. Cannon thinks his stature as a teacher will protect him and that he will easily defeat Naomi's efforts to seek justice.

When Ryan Matthews finds out what happened, he comes forward to the police and Cannon is suspended. As he walks out to his car with a box containing his personal effects (inside a sports drink bottle with a Chelsea F.C. logo on it) falls out. The bottle is intercepted by Oscar, who has an ability to identify an English accent to a certain area of the island. Oscar spots Cannon's accent as being from Dagenham. Cannon is quick to silence Oscar, but Oscar insists Cannon is from Dagenham.

Later in the day, Oscar meets with Naomi to ask her out for a date, but she turns him down saying that she is disgusted by his accent and it reminds her of Cannon. Oscar tells her that Cannon got defensive about his accent and that he was lying about where he was from. Naomi asks for Oscars help and together they work to uncover Cannon's history. They go on the internet and try to learn about his life in England, but nothing turns up. Oscar asks what the reason for the search is and Naomi has Oscar punch in the keywords "teacher, sex offender, Dagenham". The search turns up news stories of a teacher wanted in England for sex crimes. The photo Naomi pulls up shows Cannon but under it is the name Douglas Atherton.

Naomi's Full Rape Story -- 90210 -- Fix You10:55

Naomi's Full Rape Story -- 90210 -- Fix You

Naomi's Full Rape Story Video- Fix You

Oscar and Naomi go to the police with the new evidence. The police, in conjunction with English authorities, confirm with Oscar and Naomi their findings. Later, the police arrive at Cannon's home to arrest and serve him with extradition, but sadly inform Naomi that he had fled.

He seems to be gone and Naomi tries to move on but in the episode "Holiday Madness" he is seen in the last scene hiding in Naomi's hotel room as she walks in.

In "Liars" he sneaks up on her and when she screams he immediately plays loud music so nobody can hear them and talks very calmly. She attempts to escape but he pulls a knife to her throat and says he just wants to talk to her. He proceeds to tie her up and claims that she was the one that lead him on, she was the one who turned on him and she was the one who made him a criminal. He appears very unhinged and tells her that Silver should be there, but when she refuses to cooperate he texts Silver from her phone.

When Silver arrives she sees Naomi gagged and tied up but before Naomi can warn her to leave she has a knife to the throat. Now with both girls tied up, Cannon makes them record a video of them telling the 'truth' about how they made everything up and how they must say he is innocent. Just when they think they are in the clear, he asks for Naomi's trust fund but she says that she can only access it from the bank. His temper spikes and calls her a liar but she convinces him that she is telling the truth and he says that they'll go to the bank together in the morning. The next morning he unties them and Naomi asks if she can fix her makeup because the people at the bank will know something is wrong if she looks different, he agrees and she manages to spray him in the face with hairspray, acting quickly Silver knocks him out. Once he is tied up Silver wants to call the police but Naomi is angry and becomes aggressive when he calls her a 'stupid slut'. She knocks him on the floor and puts the knife to his throat but Silver talks her out of killing him, saying that he is not worth it and to save her own life. Naomi breaks down and drops the knife. The last scene of Cannon is him being escorted out by the police and sent to prison.


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