Season 7 of American drama soap Melrose Place aired on FOX television network.


Josie Bissett as Jane Andrews
Thomas Calabro as Michael Mancini
Rob Estes as Kyle McBride
Jamie Luner as Lexi Sterling
John Haymes Newton as Ryan McBride
Kelly Rutherford as Megan Lewis
Jack Wagner as Peter Burns
special guest star
Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward

Recurring cast

Rena Sofer as Eve Cleary


Characters featured in the seventh and final season of Melrose Place were Jane Andrews, Michael Mancini, Kyle McBride, Lexi Sterling, Ryan McBride, Megan Lewis, Peter Burns, Amanda Woodward, and Eve Cleary in a recurring role.


  1. Divorce Dominican Style
  2. A Long Way to Tip-A-Rory
  3. A Match Made in Hell
  4. Ball n' Jane
  5. As Bad as It Gets
  6. Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell: Part 1
  7. Buona Sera, Mr. Campbell: Part 2
  8. The World According to Matt
  9. Where the Hookers Grow
  10. Dr. Jealousy
  11. Not Quite All About Eve
  12. The Rumor Whisperer
  13. The Night the Lights Went Out at Melrose
  14. Suspicion
  15. Fiddling on the Roof
  16. Lethal Wedding 4
  17. When Cheerleaders Attack
  18. Suddenly Sperm
  19. The Usual Santas
  20. The Kyle High Club
  21. I Married a Jock Murderer
  22. A Fist Full of Secrets
  23. The Younger Son Also Rises
  24. Saving Ryan's Privates
  25. They Shoot Blanks, Don't They?
  26. How Amanda Got Her Groove Back
  27. Unpleasantville
  28. Ryan's Choice
  29. McBride's Head Revisited
  30. The Daughterboy
  31. Bitter Homes and Guardians
  32. Floral Knowledge
  33. Lexi Gets Stiffed
  34. Dead Men Don't Shut Up
  35. Asses to Ashes
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