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Dr. Mel Silver, played by Matthew Laurance, is a recurring character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the continuity. Mel is a Beverly Hills-based dentist, and the father of David and Erin Silver also the Grandfather of Ruby Silver.

Beverly Hills, 90210Edit

Mel met Jackie Taylor, the mother of David's friend Kelly, early on in the series. The two developed feelings for one another that would eventually lead to engagement, marriage, and the birth of their daughter Erin. Mel and David also tracked down David's long-lost mother, who'd fallen on hard times, and saw that she was given help.

At the end of the second summer season Mel, aware of his son's passion for music, was present as David gave a well-received performance at the Beverly Hills Beach Club. Mel also joined Jim and Cindy Walsh as they stood beside John and Felice Martin as part of an effort to overturn a school ruling against John and Felice's daughter—which succeeded in large part due to a rally by students.

Though things seemed to be going well for a fair amount of time, Mel's marriage ultimately fell apart after he became unfaithful to Jackie. Though the two parted ways, eventually letting go and moving on, both remained prominent in the children's lives. He and Jackie later reunited.

Mel appeared in the Beverly Hills, 90210 series finale, watching proudly as his son married Donna Martin.


Mel has not to this date made an appearance on the fourth show in the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, but it is revealed that although he and Jackie got back together in the original show, he cheated on Jackie again in the years between it and the spin-off. Upon learning this, his daughter Erin eventually confided in her best friend, Naomi Clark, who told others, and made Jackie aware of the situation, leading her back to her old habits with drugs and alcohol. This was also the start of a story line that would continue during the first season of 90210, the conflict between Silver and Naomi. However, the two eventually reconciled.

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