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Megan Rose is a recurring character in the fifth series of the 90210 franchise, portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy.

Character Overview

Megan is the daughter of the truck driver that was part of the car crash that Dixon was in. She is introuced into the show when Annie forces Dixon to go to a therapy group.


Season 5

At a group therapy session. Megan introduces herself to the group. She’s there because she felt that it was her fault that her dad died in a car crash. Through the details she gives out, Dixon figures out that her dad was the one who rammed into his car. The next day, Dixon goes back to group therapy and says to Megan that she shouldn’t blame herself for her dad’s accident. At CU Navid invites her to the pop-up. There she talks to Dixon before he begins his performance at the club.

Once Dixon and Adrianna end there relationship, Dixon confesses that he was in the same accident as her father, which leads to them hooking-up.

Later she breaks up with Dixon, because he lies to her. She can't afford her college and she tells Dixon not to interfere. He goes behind her back and uses Adrianna's money from gigs that is supposed to go to the record label, and annonymosly sets up a college fund for her. When she figures out she breaks up with him and thats the last time she's seen.

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