Martin Abbott, played by Ramy Zada, was a recurring character seen in the third season of Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.

Abbott, a motivational speaker and guru, was introduced to Sydney Andrews through Rikki Abbott, his wife and Sydney's roommate at the time.

Rikki and Martin manipulated Sydney into leaving Melrose Place and come live with them at their desert retreat, which turned out to be a polygamous religious cult.

Martin Abbott was the leader of the cult and supposedly offered Sydney a chance to leave of her own free will, but when she try to leave, he and Rikki kidnapped her against her will and locked her up in a cellar.

At the retreat, Sydney tried to convince him and Rikki of her loyalties to them while she waited for another opportunity to try to escape.

Jane and Jake set out to rescue Sydney after Jane made a background check on Martin and learned that Sydney's in a notorious cult.

Upon Jake and Jane initially arriving, Martin had the retreat surrounding them with guns, at which point Sydney told Jake and Jane to leave without her. They returned, however, and rescued Sydney after Martin mistakenly gave Sydney a gun and allowed her to shoot out all the tires on their transport before jumping into Jane's car.

Martin had Rikki call Sydney and tell her that they would be back for her one day. However, they were not seen on the series again.