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Marla Crawford was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in the episode She Came in Through the Bathroom Window.

Marla was a woman who went by the name Ginger O'Hara and posed an employee of J. Thomas Parnell Celebrity Tours. She was first seen entering The Peach Pit while Steve Sanders ogled her. After a brief introduction to Brandon Walsh, she requested to see Nat Bussichio. She was supposedly there to confirm breakfast arrangements for the following day.

Brandon volunteered to work breakfast in order to help Nat and "Ginger" work the crowd. When the time came, however, the group was late and Steve and Dylan McKay had to help Brandon serve them. Marla expressed frustration over Parnell not appearing with the group when in reality he was not aware of Marla's scheme.

After Marla got the group angry, she stole Brandon's car and drove away in it. Steve and Dylan pursued her in Steve's Corvette and stopped her just in time for her to deny stealing Brandon's car and tell a story about trying to get to Parnell's office. Dylan took over driving as they went to Parnell's office. She played as if she was being conned, taking them to a abandoned lot saying that it was the address she was given.

Trying to track down Burt Reynolds, she performed, along with Steve and Dylan, in a plaque commercial as a way to get into the studio where Burt was shooting his movie. They were later pulled over by the police because Brandon had reported his car stolen.

After Burt Reynolds arrived to save the tour, Ginger celebrated with the guy, but after spotting J. Thomas Parnell, she made a run for it and didn't look back. Parnell revealed her real name as Marla Crawford.

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