Mark Driscott, played by Blake Hood, was a recurring character in the second series of the 90210 franchise.


Mark was a senior student at West Beverly, introduced in the season two premiere To New Beginnings! after meeting with Annie Wilson on the beach. Soon, he became scheming and evil towards the entire Wilson family, blackmailing both Dixon and Harry Wilson after he took a picture of Annie topless, while hooking up.


Season 2Edit

Mark first appears in the season two premier, To New Beginnings! when he approaches Annie while she is waiting for a ride home. She recognizes him as a senior at West Bev, and he invites her to take a drink out of his flask. Annie, lonely and sad after the prom debacle and her fight with Dixon, accepts. They run into Navid, who gives him keys to the cabana.

Annie and Mark stumble into the cabana, and reluctantly, a rather drunk Annie gives in to Mark's advances.

The next day, Annie bumps into Mark, the guy she hooked up with in the cabana, and he blows her off.

As she walks away, he brags to his friends about his night with the principal's daughter. They don't believe him, obviously, after the rumor that Annie totally narced out Naomi's party. So Mark pulls out a naked photo of Annie he took from his phone that night, when Annie was intoxicated. 

Mark starts showing around the picture, and Naomi gets wind of the rumor. She sends the photo to her own phone. 

In the second episode To Sext or Not to Sext Dixon receives a call from Navid at the same time as Annie gets a call from Silver about the sext but Dixon informs him that he and Annie are doing their own thing these days.

The next day at school, Annie approaches Mark and asks if the sext rumors are true and he confirms them Annie rips his phone out of his hands and steps on it. He tells her that he is the least of her worries since Naomi has a copy of the photo.

Annie desperatly tries to convince Naomi that she didn't sleep with Liam, but Naomi won't erase the photo unless Annie confesses. Annie, seeing no other option, confesses to a crime she didn't commit, and Naomi is furious rather than victorious. 

The next morning, everyone at school has received the sext of Annie's naked photo. Dixon punches out Mark for taking the photo, and is sent to the principal's office, where he confesses to his father what the problem is. 

Silver goes to comfort her but Annie rejects her friendship when she realizes Silver's been on Naomi's side all along. Annie slinks into a classroom to sulk while Teddy's interview with the Blaze is on all the school televisions. Annie hears him mention that he strangest thing he'd seen since his return to LA was a half dead homeless man in the road, probably from a hit and run.

In the third episode, Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat, Annie invites Mark to Teddy's yacht party. In front of Silver, Annie makes Mark tell the story of Naomi stealing his phone. Annie does this in attempts to regain Silver's friendship. Disgusted by the drama, Silver gets up and leaves, refusing to speak to anyone. Naomi tells her that while she may have won this little battle, the war is far from over. In the sixth episode, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Mark tries to warn Annie about Jasper, saying that he pulled a knife on a fellow student. Annie was very appreciative and tried giving Mark another chance. Annie had a talk with Jasper about not caring what other people think, but her actions speak otherwise. She still wants to be with Mark. When Mark and Annie are hooking up, he tries to take things to the next level, against Annie's will. Jasper shows up and saves Annie. He tells Annie that Mark made up the story about bringing a knife to school. Later in the episode, Jasper takes a knife to Mark's car. In the nineteenth episode, Multiple Choices, Mark shows up at Dixon's poker game with a huge sum of cash. Dixon looses a lot to him and gets into debt. He ends up stealing the key to the school from his dad. The security camera catches all of this. In the twenty-second episode, Confessions, Mark blackmails Harry into giving him a better mark on his test, or else he will tell the superintendent how he covered his son, who broke in to the school the night of the vandalism. Harry gets fired after he tells the school board what really happened. After the season two finale, Mark no longer appears on screen.