Marion Shaw, played by Janet Carroll, was a recurring character seen on Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She first appeared in season 2.

Marion was the mother of Kimberly Shaw. She first to Melrose after Kimberly had her accident with Michael Mancini. Marion blamed Michael for the accident and secretly took Kimberly away to be cared for by Brett Cooper while telling Michael and everyone else that Kimberly had died.

After Kimberly began being haunted by a phantom named Henry, Marion came forward revealed Henry's origins, that he had been a gardener that had tried to rape Marion, only to be stabbed by Kimberly. She and Kimberly became closer as a result of the revelation.

After Kimberly got sick because of her aneurysm, she refused to do the surgery that would save her life. Marion came back to Los Angeles and decided to take Kimberly back to Cleveland with her. She derided Michael until he ultimately stormed out of the home. As they were about to leave for Cleveland, Kimberly collapsed and died in Marion's arms.

Marion later returned for revenge with help from Brett Cooper, who both blamed Michael for Kimberly's death. She started sending Michael threatening images, leading him to believe that Kimberly was still alive. She tried to shoot and then eventually tried to stab him with a scalpel. However, Megan Lewis tried to stop her and got the scalpel instead. marion was last seen being dragged away by hospital personnel.