Maggie was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in the Season 3 summer episodes.

Maggie was a girl from New York in Paris for the summer who befriended Brenda Walsh and Donna Martin in France. She introduced them to her friends, Lynnette and Ann, and got to know them a little bit when they arrived. She later went with them to a French party.

Maggie was seen to be speaking perfect French with Brenda, which alienated and frustrated Donna during their stay. Maggie and Brenda seemed to bond stronger than Donna, but Maggie felt that Donna's foray into modeling with Pierre involved ulterior motives, as she had modeled in New York herself and felt the business was corrupted. She was later proven correct in her assumption.

Maggie was later seen gossiping with Brenda and Donna about Brenda's facade as a French girl with Rick. She later hit on Rick before Brenda informed her of their plans.