Lucky Strike is the 3rd episode of Season 1 on CW teen soap 90210.


WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME – Harry and Debbie plan a family bowling night, but find their plans interrupted by the "unexpected" arrival of Annie and Dixon's friends. Meanwhile, Annie finds herself torn betweeb n Ethan and Ty, Naomi experiences a difficult evening with her philandering father, and Kelly and Silver learn that Jackie's drinking is spiraling out of control.


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Ethan talks to Naomi

Last week Dixon and Annie were grounded for their un-parent approved outings with new friends. Debbie was feeling left out with everyone doing their own thing and neglecting to keep her informed. This week starts with everyone rushing out on Debbie's home-cooked breakfast. I guess her attempt at getting them together didn't work. At school, Ethan and Naomi are at the lockers discussing the new band going to the Pier. Kelly sees Silver in the hall as the bell rings and comments on how she looks. She says she didn't know the cool new look was not brushing your hair. Silver hits back saying it's because she's not young anymore. Ryan notices Silver and Kelly and states the obvious - that Silver's late for class. He asks Kelly if she wrote her a late slip. She says no and that she's not going to. He flirts with her by asking if it's nepotism and if she wants to discuss it over dinner. Kelly accepts.

Normal 103 0140

Ty asks Annie out again

At lunch, Navid invites Ethan, Dixon, and the rest of the guys to come to the new Bond movie screening his dad has access too. Meanwhile, Ty invites Annie to go to the Pier tomorrow night to check out a new band. She's thrilled to accept and once Ty is out of earshot does a not-geeky-at-all arm-pump. "Yes!!!" Later, Harry and Debbie discuss how everyone is so busy lately and that they should have a family "fun night." They tell the kids they're all going bowling at Lucky Strike on Friday night. Annie and Dixon try to tell them nobody does that in Beverly Hills and that they've both made other plans. It is Friday after all. But Harry says that they're just going to have to bring Kansas here then and that they are going to go to family "fun night" whether they like it or not. Gee. How fun.


Harry and Debbie plans a family night

We cut to Silver entering a woman's shelter. This seems a little odd considering her family has plenty of money for her to get a hotel room. (Of course she is a minor, but that never stopped Dylan McKay from living at the Bel-Age.) The lady seems to know her at the shelter, but tells her there's no room for her to stay tonight. Silver seems desperate but there's nothing the woman can do. The next morning Naomi brags about the awesome party her dad is taking her to in Vegas that night. Apparently, this is an annual event and and she really looks forward to it. Kelly is walking with Ryan, talking his ear off about her four-year-old son, Sammy, and his extraordinary reading ability. Ryan mentions he does quite a bit of work at a juvenile detention center. Neither can talk long but they do agree on dinner tonight. They are obviously flirting as Silver walks up and Ryan walks away. Silver calls Kelly out and says it's gross if she's going to be "banging" her teacher. Kelly denies it.

Normal 103 0206

Silver living in a womens shelter

Silver changes the subject and asks if Kelly is up for a sister's sleepover at Kelly's house. She's definitely got ulterior motives but doesn't let on to her supposedly super-perceptive psych-major sister. Kelly says she's busy tonight, but will definitely do it tomorrow. Silver looks really disappointed but hides it from big sis. Meanwhile, Ethan asks Annie if she's got any big plans. She explains it's family "fun night." He tells her it's social suicide to go to Lucky Strike with her family. Ty walks up and says he's disappointed she has to cancel. Ethan awkwardly excuses himself and walks away. Ty says he can't believe she's going to blow him off. She suggests he stop by the bowling alley and try to get her out of family "fun night" early. He agrees.

Normal 103 0383

Charles cancels Naomi trip to vegas

After school, Dixon is talking to Navid and has the same idea as his sister. He suggests Navid come by the bowling alley with a lot of people and try to get him out of family night too. Dixon runs into Silver as she's hanging out on the trunk of her car doing homework. He asks her what she's doing tonight and she asks if he's asking her out. He kinda laughs and says he's got to go bowling with his family. She thinks it sounds like fun so he invites her to come. Meanwhile, Naomi is outside of school waiting for her father to pick her up to fly to Vegas. When he gets there though, he tells her he can't go. He has a big merger at work and can't leave, but the new Mercedes-Benz he's driving is for her to make up for him not going. Quite the consolation prize you got there Naomi. Her dad hops in the other car with her mom and leaves before he can notice the tears shining in his daughter's eyes. Guess a shiny new car really can't replace a father's love, Dad.

Later that night, the Wilson's starts their "fun night" at Lucky Strike with Silver, and Deb and Harry seem to be OK with it. Dixon and Annie tell each other they've also invited Ty and Navid. Can't wait til the parents find out that... Meanwhile, Kelly and Ryan meet at a restaurant. He's rambling on about wanting to meet her son and she explains she hasn't introduced her son to any man except his father. She confides she hasn't dated anyone serious since him. Date number two seems to be going just fine until he asks about Sammy's father and finds out he's never really been a part of their life but wants to be now. Ryan wonders aloud what this means for Kelly's relationship with her ex. What he doesn't say, but is written on his face, is his fear for what this means for his own budding relationship with Kelly.

Normal 103 0441

Kelly dating Ryan

Family night is going well for Silver who seems to enjoy being part of a family. Debbie thanks Silver for coming and says Annie and Dixon seem to be having fun since she's there. Silver tells her she's glad to be there and wishes her mom would do stuff like this with her. Annie and Dixon call Silver over for pizza and everyone starts showing up... except Ty. Annie silently wonders if she's been stood up. Harry and Debbie continue to bowl and have fun and generally embarass their kids by making out in front of everyone. The guys arrive but Dixon tells his friends he can't leave just yet. He's not trying to hurt their feelings and they'll know something's up if he bails out right off away. They all decide to hang out and bowl for awhile too. Ethan talks to Annie and asks if she wants to go outside to get some air. Naomi is with Adrianna in her new car and is being really bitchy because of her dad. Morgan text messages Adrianna and says everyone is going to Lucky Strike. Naomi wants to take her dad dinner at his office first though to thank him for the new car.

Outside Lucky Strike, Ethan and Annie are talking about his family and flirting a bit as Ty walks up and notices. Ty interrupts and once again Ethan is left awkwardly behind. Annie needs to quit playing games. She's going to end up losing Ethan who seems to have true feelings for her as opposed to Ty, who is clearly enjoying playing the good girl from Kansas.
Normal 103 0699

Naomi father is having an affair

Naomi pulls up at her dad's office and sees him kissing another woman. She's devastated and Adrianna tries to console her. Back at the bowling alley Ty and Annie decide to see if she can get away. Annie asks her parents if she can leave with Ty. They tell her to go and have fun as Dixon walks up. Harry tells him to let them know how the Bond movie is. They both can't believe how easily their plan worked. Annie and Ty run into Ethan on their way out. Ethan says he's gonna hang out and bowl for awhile. Adrianna comes running up to find him because Naomi's freaking out outside and won'
Normal 103 0807

Naomi cries to Ethan

t talk to her. As Ethan goes out to see what's wrong, Annie tells Ty she's got to check on Naomi before she can leave. Adrianna tells them Naomi saw her dad kissing another woman. (Wonder if Silver's around to hear this? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to let karma kick a little ass.) Ethan gets to Naomi and she tells him what happened. He holds her and seems to calm her down, promising her it will be o.k. and he will take care of her. Old habits die hard, I guess. Neither of them see Annie watching them, but she looks a little sad. Is it because she feels badly for Naomi? Or because she wishes it was her in Ethan's arms...?

Meanwhile, Dixon and the guys discuss how there's too much drama going on, and leave to watch the Bond movie. Silver walks up to Annie just as she gets a text from Ty saying he couldn't wait and left without her. What an ass! The girls decide to catch up with the guys to watch the movie. Once at home, Harry and Debbie are talking about the night's events and laugh about how they thought they were cooler than their parents and can't believe their kids don't want to hang out with them anymore. (Well, they are definitely cooler than my parents. Harry asks her if she's gonna start bringing out the "I want another baby" card. She says no, but she might ask for a puppy. They both laugh like it's the funniest thing they ever heard. Ok, maybe they aren't quite as cool as I thought.

Kelly and Ryan finish their date in his truck outside her house. Ryan brings up their dating status and she says they're just colleagues "hanging out." He leans in for a kiss and asks if that changes anything. She says, "Oh, what the hell we're dating." Annie and Dixon return home with Silver in tow. Harry and Debbie remind the kids of their chores still to be done so Silver says she better get home. Debbie offers to call her Mom for her to let her know she's on her way, but Silver lies and tells her she already did. As she leaves she looks back and watches them together sadly. She's definitely envious of their wholesome family.
Normal 103 0970

Dixon finds Silver sleeping in her car

Later, as Dixon is taking out the trash he finds Silver asleep in her car on the street. He wakes her up, and she confides to him that her mom is a drunk and she's scared to be around her when she's like that. She also tells him she's been staying at a shelter because of it. In the meantime, Naomi gets home and crawls in bed with her sleeping mom. Dixon tells Silver he needs to tell his dad. She yells at him and says she shouldn't have trusted him. She doesn't want anyone else to know about her mom. He explains how his life used to be the same way until he moved in with the Wilson's. He tells her he knows exactly what it's like to live with a wasted parent. He finally gets her to trust him and they go inside to talk to his family. They decide she will stay there tonight or until the situation can be resolved. Silver looks infinitely grateful and Dixon offers to share his room. Nice try, Dixon. The girl will be bunking with Annie, thank you very much. This is a family show, after all.
Normal 103 1143

Naomi tells her mother about last night

The next morning Harry asks Kelly to come over and they discuss Silver's problems. Kelly is upset that her sister didn't tell her what was going on at home. Of course the signs were there, but the stars in her eyes blinded her to the truth. She feels terrible because she knows exactly what Silver is experiencing - after all, it's exactly what she went through with Jackie all those years ago. This isn't the only drama of the morning though. Naomi approaches her Mom and tells her that she saw Daddy kissing another woman. But Tracy just sits there stone-faced and tells her she knows all about her. Apparently it's been going on for years. Her name is Gail, and she lives out-of-town so it doesn't happen very often. (Um... how does that make it o.k.?) Naomi wants to know if they're going to get a divorce. Tracy explains that she has a wonderful family that she doesn't to break up, two beautiful homes and that she's been with him too long to lose it all now. Naomi is completely distraught.
Normal 103 1171

Kelly talks to her mother about Silver

Kelly shows up at her Mom's house, who isn't exactly thrilled to see her eldest daughter. Jackie thinks Silver has been at Naomi's house (which shows how out of touch she really is) and has no idea she's actually been staying at a shelter until Kelly tells her. Kelly is disgusted by her mom's selfish behavior but Jackie is just defiant. When Silver shows up her mother starts screaming at her and yells "look at all the trouble you're causing." Kelly informs her that Silver is going to come live with her. "I'm not going to let you do to her what you did to me!" Jackie and Kelly continue to argue and fight over Silver, who is completely broken up about it. Jackie tells Kelly she can't handle a four-year-old and a teenager, who according to Jackie is no walk in the park. Then she turns on Erin, asking her how she could lie to her and then leave her. Silver tries to reason with her but Jackie explodes, yelling at her to just get out. Silver is stunned and runs off. "Great job, Mom," Kelly says disgustedly, before chasing after her devastated sister.
Normal 103 1257

Silver moves in Kelly´s house

As the episode concludes, Annie gets a text from Ethan simply asking "what's up?" Naomi's father returns home as she and her mom are eating breakfast and bends over to kiss her mom, like nothing is wrong. Naomi looks disgusted with the whole situation. Things end on a happier note for some of the exclusive zip code. Kelly, Sammy, and Silver are all in bed laughing and eating breakfast together. And Harry and Debbie come downstairs to find that Annie and Dixon have made breakfast for them to sit down as a family. Maybe Beverly Hills hasn't gotten to them yet after all. Or maybe they're just feeling guilty for bailing on their parents? Time will tell...


Rob Estes as Harry Wilson
Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson
Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson
Dustin Milligan as Ethan Ward
AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark
Ryan Eggold as Ryan Matthews
Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver
Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi
Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson

Special Guest Stars

Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Ann Gillespie as Jackie Taylor

Recurring cast

Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan
Adam Gregory as Ty Collins
James Patrick Stuart as Charles Clark
Christina Moore as Tracy Clark

Guest starring

Riley Thomas Stuart as Sammy Taylor-McKay
Brandon Michael Vayda as Mike
Chantelle Barry as Nina
Cherilyn Wilson as Morgan
Kristen Rutherford as Margaret

Trivia Edit

Opening Tagline: "Previously, on 90210" Annie


Dixon: My own dad is [cock] blocking me.

Dixon: I didn't grow up in the Cosby family.

Silver: It's chic to look post-rehab, didn't you know?

Harry: We are just gonna have to bring a little Kansas to Beverly Hills - and we are gonna have fun. Because it's all about family.

Silver: School is hard enough as it is without my sister banging the teacher.

Ethan: I'm gonna save most of that emotional goodness for when I audition for The Hills... I do think I could be the next Spencer.

Annie: I can't believe you don't think that's a big deal. You were at Chris Brown's birthday! He's such an amazing performer.

Naomi: I saw my dad kissing another woman.

Silver: Naomi and Ethan. It's like they're addicted to each other.

Silver: My mom, she drinks. And when she's like this, she's a completely different person.

Kelly: How many of your friends have kids?
Ryan: Let me count... zero.

Kelly: Doesn't it freak you out that I have a child?
Ryan: Doesn't it freak you out at all that I am a child?

Dixon: You do not have your own balling ball!
Navid: What? It was for my Bar Mitzvah.

Naomi: Babe, you sound pitchy.
Adrianna: You sound bitchy!

Debbie: I thought we were cooler than our parents.
Harry: We're cool!

Mrs. Clark: We have a life together.
Naomi: Mom, what kind of life is this?

Kelly: I am not going to stand by and watch you do to her what you did to me!
Jackie: Because your life was so awful!


  • "A Punk" by Vampire Weekend
  • "All Coming Back to Me" by Intercooler
  • "All Over Me, All Over You" by BossHouse & Royston Langdon
  • "Better in Time" by Leona Lewis
  • "Hey Hey Girl" by The Virgins
  • "How Many Birds" by Benji Hughes
  • "I Thought About You" by The Beautiful Girls
  • "If You Can Afford Me" by Katy Perry
  • "Just a Little More Please" by BossHouse & Royston Langdon
  • "One Week of Danger" by The Virgins
  • "The Kiss" by Karmina