Lucinda Nicholson is a recurring character in Season 4 of FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Dina Meyer.


Lucinda, who appeared in the fourth season, was a married university professor who became romantically involved with Brandon Walsh—a student at her school. She was also a cultural anthropologist and was in the middle of making a documentary about women in culture. She first met Brandon while married to Professor Corey Randall and tried to seduce him, but Brandon, who was in one of Randall's classes, didn't want to get involved with a married woman. However, Lucinda was persistent and her flirtiness alerted D'Shawn Hardell to their attraction. D'Shawn tried to blackmail Brandon into taking a test for him, but Brandon called his bluff.

However, Randall found out on his own about Lucinda's infidelity and they divorced. After the divorce was finalized, Brandon and Lucinda began sleeping together. However, after Lucinda made a pass at Dylan McKay to get him to finance her documentary, Brandon broke it off with her. She also began having issues with a jealous Kelly Taylor, who was Dylan's girlfriend at the time. Lucinda appeared one more time while Brandon was in Washington, D.C. on a task force assignment. She and Clare Arnold were both vying for Brandon's affections, but it was Kelly who landed the prize.

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