Love is Blind

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Love is Blind This is the 24th episode of the Tenth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Donna is upset by her mother's decision to sell the house. David hangs out with her at the apartment, and they both fall asleep on the couch. Donna pulls away from a kiss because she doesn't want to risk their friendship by becoming romantically involved. Felice and the gang grant Donna's wish for one final Christmas at the house. Steve, Janet and Felice set up an unwitting Donna and David on a date. They finally decide to get back together, and share a passionate kiss. Kelly and Matt set an August wedding date. Dylan infuriates Kelly with his wedding gift, a trip around the world for two. Matt considers a job offer in Seattle, and Kelly agrees to go with him. Although he fails to get the job, Matt suggests that they move anyway. Dylan unsuccessfully pleads with Kelly for another chance at their relationship. A man offers to purchase The Beat for $750,000. Janet would continue to work at the paper, while Steve would stay home with Maddy. They decide to give this arrangement a trial run. Steve initially feels emasculated, but comes to enjoy spending time with his daughter. Janet fears that she is missing out on the major events in Maddy's life. Noah helps convince Ellen's mother to let her spend time with her daughter, Caitlin. Ellen tells Noah that she doesn't have time to date him, as she must concentrate on being a good mother.




  • Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin
  • Heidi Lenhart as Ellen
  • Kathleen Garrett as Marion 
  • Scott Paetty as Charles Yoffe 
  • Adeline Allen as Caitlin


  •  Tara Kemp -- Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  •  Trinket -- Boom
  •  Kenny G -- Silent Night

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