Dr. Louiss Visconti (Mark L. Taylor)

Dr. Louis Visconti, played by Mark L. Taylor, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, first appearing in the fifth season.

Dr. Visconti was a psychiatrist at Wilshire Memorial Hospital, who started out listening to the rantings of Peter Burns about Amanda Woodward. He was later tricked into revealing Peter's arranged kidnapping of Amanda by Lexi Sterling, who charmed him into revealing confidential information. He also revealed to Lexi that he was divorced and it took him years to get over it.

Dr. Visconti later became a recurring friend of the guys in the building, attending the bachelor party of Michael Mancini and also later getting arrested with Michael, Peter, Kyle McBride, and Ryan McBride after being mistaken for a group of bank-robbing Santa Clauses.

He was later instrumental in the therapy of Eve Cleary and helped her remember the night of the Kent Damarr murder, in which she remembered Amanda killing him.

During the final episodes of the series, he became romantically involved with Dr. Irene Schullman and as of the series finale, they were happily together as a couple. Also, in the series finale, Visconti was witness to the non-wedding of Michael and Lexi in the Melrose Place pool and lent his cabin to Peter after everyone knew Peter was wanted by the police for embezzlement. After Louis and Michael dry off from the pool non-wedding, Irene and a detective show up at Michael's apartment to find out where Peter is since he disappeared and Amanda is also missing as well, and Irene realized that Louis is hiding something. Visconti reveals that he knows where Peter and Amanda are and leads the detective to his cabin in the woods, where it explodes as Michael approaches to get the two to turn themselves into the law. In his final scene, at Amanda and Peter's funeral, Visconti stands up to stay words of his own in remembrance of Peter and Amanda, but he's stopped by Eve, who shows up at the funeral to tell everyone just what she thought of them.

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