The episode opened with Billy Campbell finishing his latest writing project, a noir script he stayed up all night working on. Billy asked her to read it, but when she did it, she hated it. Matt Fielding advised her to lie about her opinion on the script. However, Alison was honest and told Billy she didn't like it. Billy got upset and the two clashed. Later, however, Billy realized that Alison was right and burned his script in the grill.

After a brief scene of Michael and Jane Mancini making out by a pool, Jake Hanson was seen washing his clothes as Sandy Harling came in to talk to him about his dating Kelly Taylor.

Jake and Kelly at his apartment

Jake stated they are friends, but Kelly wants more. On their date, Kelly came onto Jake pretty hard, but he did his best to resist because of their age difference. He set it up so that an actress friend of Sandy's came over and staged a scenario which made Jake look like a jerk.

After Michael had a busy night at the hospital, Jane went out for a night on the town with Rhonda Blair. Two guys, Peter and Alex,

Jane expresses her gratitude to Sandy

hit on them and Jane hid her wedding ring so that they wouldn't leave. When Peter and Jane went to a club, she discovered she had lost her wedding ring. She searched half the night, but came up empty-handed. Peter wished her well, but Jane went home, worried that she had lost her ring forever. However, Sandy found it in the garbage at Shooters and returned it later that night.

When Sandy went back to her apartment, she and Jake share a tender moment when Jake admitted that Kelly was the only girl to ever make him feel important. Then, they go their separate ways.


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