The episode began with Sandy Harling and Rhonda Blair shopping in a clothing store for hats. They met a seemingly charming man named Paul Brubecker, who had a critique of her hat choices. He then made a date with Sandy for later that night.

Meanwhile, Alison has car trouble and ponders buying a new car, but made the mistake of taking Billy with her to the car lot, where his negotiating technique didn't work. Later, after several discussions, Alison decided to keep her original car.

When Sandy's date didn't go well, she politely told Paul that it wasn't going to work out. He seemed to accept it and move on, but it wasn't long before Paul showed up at the apartment. She again told him that nothing was going to happen and he seemed disappointed. However, when Paul put flowers all in the pool for her, she got rude and angry with him at Shooters.

Jake Hanson had a talk with Paul, but Paul didn't seem to get the hint. After Rhonda went out of town for a little bit, Paul then began harassing Sandy with phone calls and started

Jake and Sandy find flowers all over the apartment

following her home from work. Sandy informed Jake, Michael, and Jane of his behavior, but Michael was insensitive towards her and she stormed out of his apartment. At one point, he broke into her home and left flowers all over the floor.

Jake went to Paul's work and punched him out, threatening to kill him if he came near her again. The police showed up the next morning and questioned Jake after Paul pressed charges against Jake. Sandy then went to Paul's job and embarrassed him in front of his boss by announcing that Paul obsesses over women. She threatened to go to the police if he didn't stop and he finally agreed.


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