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Local Hero is the 22nd episode of Season 9 of FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


Kelly and Dylan run into each other at the market and share a cup of coffee. They subdue a man who tries to attack a pregnant woman and her child, and help the woman get to the hospital to have her baby. When the press approaches Kelly, she identifies Steve as the hero because she and Dylan don't want to admit that they were together. Steve initially relishes the attention, but soon suffers from a guilty conscience. He confronts Kelly and Dylan and states that everyone can tell that they want each other. Kelly plans to tell Matt the truth, while Dylan considers breaking up with Gina. Gina receives an offer to become a skating commentator, but loses the job (partially because of Matt's hardball negotiating technique). Matt apologizes and offers Gina work as his assistant. Dylan cannot bring himself to break up with Gina while she is in this vulnerable state. Kelly tells Matt that Dylan was the hero, but stops short of disclosing the fact that she slept with Dylan in Mexico. Noah reveals that he has a half-sister, who is working at a nearby diner. Donna learns that the woman is moving away and manages to arrange a meeting with Noah. Steve visits a group for sex addicts in the hopes of uncovering celebrity dirt. David makes a date with Katie, the group leader




  • Lisa Louise Langford as Jackie Michaels
  • Suzanne Sena as Reporter
  • Jeremy Suarez as Ryan
  • Jennifer O'Dell as Katie
  •  Zia Harris as Doyle
  • Shiri Appleby as Rene
  • Jeff Rector as Officer Terry
  • Steven Vincent Leigh as Chang
  • Timothy Starks as Steven Michaels
  • Jan Rabson as Sal


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