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Liam And Annie

                                             General Info
Nickname Lannie
Intimacy Level lovers
 First met Dionysian Debacle
 Started dating It's Getting Hot In Here
 Status Engaged

The romantic relationship between Annie Wilson and Liam Court!

The second season begins and Annie and Liam are both in rough places. Annie is dealing with her hit and run and Liam is dealing with his problems with girlfriend Naomi. Naomi continues to think that Liam slept with Annie and in order to protect Naomi from finding out the truth (that Liam actually slept with her sister Jen) he lets her believe this fact, putting a strain on Naomi and Annie's friendship. This causes the distance between Annie and Liam's relationship to grow. Eventually, Naomi learns the truth and Liam apologizes to Annie for all that he put her through. In the second half of the season Liam offers Annie a ride to school, and they are later paired for a school project together, which kick starts their friendship. They form a bond and continuously turn to one another for support with their issues.

We last saw Annie and Liam when Liam breaks up with Naomi and invites Annie to join him on his newly built boat. The two take a ride and Annie opens up to Liam about her hit and run. He persuades her to come clean to her parents and the two part ways.

In the third season, Liam and Annie share their first kiss, but soon separate as new difficulties arise. After a few complications, Liam declares his feelings for Annie, and the two make love for the first time. They later express a belief that they belong together and finally unite as a steady couple. As the third season ends, Liam departs for a job on a boat, and the two declare their love before parting ways.

In the fourth season, Liam proposed twice to Annie. Although she rejected his proposal both times she did it with genuine feelings because she knew that he was going through something that he wasn't telling her. They both dated other people but throughout the season it was clear that feelings were still there for one another. They later hooked up during Thanksgiving where Liam admitted his feelings but he wanted Annie to be truthful about what was going on in her life. When Annie thought she fixed her situation she proclaimed her love for Liam via voicemail. Liam feels rejected by Annie later in the season not knowing that she still loved him. They end things on ok terms and continue to date other people.

In the fifth season, Liam confides in Annie when he has no one to turn to or no one to trust. Annie and Liam become roommates after she had taken a bullet for Liam and saved his life. Annie begins to fall in love with Liam again and tries to confess her love to him only to realize that he passed out midway through her confession. Later the two argue about Annie's book, Liam believed that Annie was using him. Liam's girlfriend Sydney knows the ending of Annie's book and can see that the two have the same mutual feelings for one another. Liam is convinced that he and Annie can work through anything but he is too late as Annie has already left Beverly Hills. Annie returns to Beverly Hills years later married to another man

Season 1Edit

Liam shows interest and or affection for Annie since he meets her, Annie turns him down however each time they meet they became closer but Annie rejects Liam once again because Naomi likes him.

Season 2Edit

Liam never told anyone who he slept with, leaving everyone to think he was lying for Annie. Things got out of hand and to get back at Naomi, Annie told her that she and Liam slept together. She also said: "It's weird how every guy who loves you ends up falling in love with me," which is actually true.

Finally in episode and she wasn't to get boggies

11 of season 2 entitled And away they go the truth about Jen being the girl Liam slept with was revealed it's made it a bit easier for Annie and Liam has said he's sorry.Annie is with Jasper, but when Liam was talking to Annie in episode 12 and saying he was sorry he glared at Jasper in a very protective way, showing that he does care for Annie.

After the show returns from a 3 month hiatus, Liam and Annie don't interact until episode 16 when Annie misses her bus ride home and Liam happens to drive up and offer her a ride home. At first Annie declines the offer but then Liam insists so she decides to get in the car. They start driving and there is an akward silence. After a few minutes of driving, Liam begins to apologize for all the drama that happened with Naomi's evil older sister Jen and Annie quickly replies with "Can we talk about something else? I mean anything in the world." Liam chuckles and agrees to change the subject. The pair instantly starts to laugh and bond until they pull up to a stop sign and notices Liam's step father cheating on his mother with a hot blonde woman and the mood instantly changes in the car.

The next day, Liam and Annie see each other in the hallway and Annie admits that she has been thinking about him and asks how is the whole step dad situation. He confesses that things aren't going good but the moment is interupted by Jasper walking in and begging to talk to Annie. At first she denies Jasper's plea but Liam tells her it's okay so she walks off with Jasper anyway as Liam watches from far behind. Annie tells Jasper to leave him alone and he instantly gets mad and hits the wall in the hallway and a student gets scared. Later that same night, Annie calls Liam's cell phone but he doesn't answer so she leaves a message saying she was just checking in on him after being interupted by Jasper earlier in the hallway.

After not speaking for 2 episodes after that, in episode 19 Annie and Liam are paired in a class project for Mr. Matthews' English class which gives them a perfect excuse to hang out more. The two are seen walking into the kitchen of Annie's home laughing and joking about one of the kids in their class but the mood was instantly destroyed when Annie overhears her parents having a fight about Deb kissing another guy and Harry flirting with other girls. Annie is heartbroken and Liam tells her that they should get out of there and she leaves out of the kitchen with him.

Later that day, Liam and Annie are spotted bonding over their mutual family issues when he tells her about his parents getting divorced when he was young as they walk through the park with a beautiful water fountain in the background. Annie admits how angry she is and how she just wants to do something spontaneous like kicking something, screaming, or running away. Suddenly she decided to run over to the fountain and kick off her shoes then jump in and letting all of the water just cool her off. She stands under the sprout of the fountain as the water covered her whole body then she headed back to Liam saying she doesn't know why she did that but she was just so frustrated and had to do something. He leaned down to help her out of the water but trips and falls in and gets completely drenched in water. Annie asks him if he's okay and he says yeah and they both get out of the fountain. She is clearly freezing and Liam attempts to warm her up by rubbing her arms. They share a glare for a few seconds but Annie cuts it short by telling Liam he should be with Naomi because she made a mistake and she's sorry then walks off.

In Meet the Parent Annie finds comfort with Liam, when Naomi is too busy dealing with Jen, in order to comfort him after his father, Finn, takes the money that Liam gives him to open his own business... and skips town with it.

Then in Javianna here's what happens; Without her credit cards, Naomi is too distracted to realize Liam is in need of support to deal with the departure of his father, so he turns to Annie for comfort.

Finally in the finale, Annie and Liam test out the waters with his new boat, where they share their darkest secrets. After, Liam walks Annie to the door and comforts her before she tells her parents. Little do they know that Jasper is nearby and decides to share an explosive flame of gasoline with Liam’s boat. And Liam finally tells Naomi their relationship isn’t working, leaving her more alone than ever.

Season 3Edit

In the very first episode, Liam ends up taking Annie to her interview, and when she comes back to tell him, they kiss for the first time. After a long passionate kiss, she stops it and explains, "Friends don't date friends' ex-boyfriends!" Liam then recommends that they don't tell Naomi, but Annie refuses and walks away. Liam tries to show Annie that he has changed, even moves in with the Wilson's to be close to her, Liam discovers that she is dating Charlie, Liam´s half-brother and uses a girl to make Annie jealous, Annie and Charlie broke up and they try again and start dating. After Liam gets beat up he stays at Annie's home. After Charlie visits Annie and Liam do the dirty. The gang goes on a trip to Mexico, and Annie and Liam are going on adventures. When Annie is injured he gives her a picture of the two with a monkey. He then says, "So we can remember when we were young and in love in Mexico". Everything seems OK, until graduation day when Liam tells Annie that he is not going to college and breaks-up, due to him falsely leading her on to believe he wanted to go to college and live together. He then tells her later on that he found a job on sea, and he  needs to figure things out. Annie is annoyed, but later on finds Liam before his ship takes off. The two declare their love, and kiss.

Season 4Edit

Liam is back and proposes to Annie, but she says no. He then comes back at Naomi's housewarming college party all dressed up and proclaims, "You are the first, the last, and the only woman I ever loved," but she still says no, leaving Liam feeling extremely rejected. He then gets drunk and goes on a bender and buys a bar. Annie asks Liam for a favor about using the bar as a venue for her sorority and ended up telling him to maybe one day try again but discovers that he is with another woman, Jane, whom Liam met in Alaska and Annie leaves heartbroken saying that only half-a-week ago he said that he loved her and asked to marry her twice, and he then reveals that he met Jane on the fishing boat. Annie becomes even more betrayed saying that in the three months she was heartbroken and missing Liam, he was sleeping with some other girl. Liam and Annie remain friends after their breakup but they are quite distant till episode 10 Smoked Turkey, when Annie consoles Liam after his Thanksgiving fails. After Jane's relationship with Liam ends, Liam and Annie almost reconcile during the holidays. She calls him to tell him she still has feelings for him but he gets hit by a car and when she comes back he ends up having strong feelings for Vanessa leaving her heartbroken once again.

Season 5Edit

In episode Til Death Do Us Part, before the group find out about Dixon's crash, Annie and Liam talk about their awful choices of partners Vanessa and Caleb and Liam says that "They sure know how to pick them." Annie then replies, "Well, we used to", whilst looking at Liam, hinting that she wishes that things had worked out between them and there is an awkward
moment between the two of them. Next, Liam supports Annie, when she find out that Dixon had an accident. In the end of episode, Vanessa arrives outside Liam’s bar and hars him talking to the insurance company.

In The Sea Change Liam hands Vanessa a check of $200,000, and effectively buys out her share of the contract. He then asks her to get out of his life. "I can’t accept money obtained fraudulently" Vanessa tells Liam. She then shows him a video of how Liam walked away and let the fire burn. She tells Liam how she had hidden cameras installed in the bar a few months ago. Vanessa promises Liam that, at the end of shooting the movie if he doesn’t feel anything for her, she will walk away. But at Naomi's wedding reception, Vanessa had declared that Liam and she are engaged.
Liam is really angry about this and tells her he would rather go to jail than marry her. The two then get into a fight and Vanessa accidentally slips from the balcony while trying to stop Liam from leaving. She falls onto the beach below, and lies there motionless.

Liam immediately goes in to call 911, and just as he is about to report the incident, he comes to the balcony and sees that Vanessa’s body has disappeared. He assumes she was washed away by the waves and decides against reporting it.

In It's All Fun And Games Liam asks Annie for the contact of a lawyer, as he wants to get out of his contract with Vanessa. Annie gives Liam the name of her lawyer, named Lindsey Beckwith. Later it’s shown that Annie’s lawyer tells Liam, the contract between him and Vanessa is
watertight, for its 3 year period, unless he can prove the deal was fraudulent; there is nothing that can be done. Later, Annie is pleasantly surprised to see Dixon getting ready to surf with Liam’s help.

In 99 Problems a female cop named Ashley Howard is appointed by his studio to protect Liam. Liam isn’t too happy about it, but plays along. Later, Annie is waiting at the entrance of the Bowl for Riley, who hasn’t shown up yet and isn’t receiving her calls either. Liam arrives at the Bowl with his bodyguard. Annie receives a text from Riley telling her he won’t be able to make it. Annie isn’t too happy about it. She asks Liam to inform Adrianna that she won’t be able to make and they talk about Ashley.

At the West Beverly alumni event, Annie sees all her old classmates and friends. Jasper, an old friend of Annie, with whom she had a falling out, approaches Annie and asks her to tell Liam to meet him. He says he has something really important that he wants Liam to see and that Liam’s "future could depend on it". Annie is baffled at what Jasper has just said, but he leaves before she can ask him what he exactly means. Liam receives a call and is shocked to hear a recording of the 911 call he made when Vanessa fell from the balcony.
Next, Liam meets with Annie and tells her about what happened with Vanessa. He now feels someone is using Vanessa’s death to blackmail him. Annie in turns tells Liam that she met Jasper and reveals what he told her. Annie feels Jasper is apparently still holding a grudge. Liam meets Jasper and he hands him a screenplay for a movie. Jasper says he is trying to get his “first real movie made”. Liam, in the end, says he will take a look at the screenplay.

In The Things We Do For Love Liam shows Annie the ransom demand behind the photograph. Annie offers to give Liam the money. Liam initially resists but Annie says "Take the money and use it to find out who it is". Liam then reluctantly agrees. "Liam make the drop, I will videotape the whole thing. It’s the only way to find out who it is" she says. Next, Liam is on his way to pay the ransom when he is apprehended by Ashley. Ashley tells him she is there to protect him, but
Liam asks her to relax and go to Navid’s party. But instead, she handcuffs Liam and says he is under arrest. Annie in the meantime is waiting in her car at the designated spot; where Liam is suppose to make the drop off. She is tired of waiting and is about to drive off when she nearly cashes into another vehicle. Annie gets out and sees that the driver of the other vehicle is Vanessa. Annie is shocked to see that Vanessa is alive. "Where’s my money?" Vanessa asks her. Ashley brings Liam to an empty garage and tells him he can’t go back to Vanessa.

Next day, Annie and Vanessa in the meantime are trying to find Liam. Annie still feels Vanessa has done something to him. Vanessa comes to know about Liam’s bodyguard that has been provided by the studio. She calls the studio for the con
tact info of the bodyguard and is told Liam’s contract did not provide for security, so the bodyguard is a fake. Annie and Vanessa get Ashley’s address from the cops and arrive at her house. In her house they see wall dedicated to Liam and figure out how crazy Ashley is. Annie and Vanessa find out from bills in her house that Ashley has bought quite a bit of surveillance equipment. They also see the address to where the equipment has been ordered. They conclude Ashley must be keeping Liam captive at the address. Annie and Vanessa arrive at the address where Liam is.
Vanessa plans to distract Ashley and asks Annie to call 911 in the meantime. Ashley and Vanessa begin fighting and Annie in the meantime rescues Liam. Liam sees Ashley beating up Vanessa and proceeds to help her. Next, Liam tazes Ashley and rescues Vanessa. Ashley manages to get up and is about to shoot Liam, when Annie intervenes and tries to wrestle the gun out of Ashley’s hand. Then, it’s shown that Annie has been shot in the stomach. Annie collapses to the ground, with Liam looking on helplessly. The episode begins with the whole gang arriving at the hospital where Annie is admitted after being shot. Liam tells them Annie is stable but there is some internal bleeding, hence she is being prepped for surgery.
Liam apologizes to Annie for everything and says what’s happened to her is his fault. Annie doesn’t agree and asks him to stop blaming himself. She instead tells him that he would probably have been better off if he hadn’t met her in the first place. She is then rushed to surgery.

When Annie wakes up in the hospital bed with Liam standing over her. "It’s good to have you back" he tells a relieved looking at Annie. Later, Annie tells Liam he doesn’t need to feel guilty about anything as bad things will keep happening because they are a part of life.

At the series finale of 90210, as Annie was about to depart to New York on the plane with Naomi and Jordan, Liam is seen riding his motorcycle down the runway to stop Annie from leaving but he is too late as Annie has left Beverly Hills. Years later, Annie returns to Beverly Hills married to another man. Her and Liam bump into each other. She reminds him he had his chance but he passed it up

Dating Timeline

  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: It's Getting Hot in Here (3.13)
      • Reason: Liam didn't call or write to Annie for 3 months when he was on the fishing boat, he then proposed, twice, and Annie said no both times.
        • Note: Liam and Annie had sex in O Holly Night, and Annie told Liam she loved him over the phone, but he neglected to open the message, and the two subsequently decided not to get back together. In other episodes they have kissed and shown intimate feelings but still haven't gotten back together. And recently in Season 5, Annie admitted to a drunk Liam that she still loved him but he was too drunk to remember
        • Liam accused Annie of using him when he read her book and told her he didn't need to know how it ended. After Sydney told him to read the end of Annie's book, he realized Annie did love him and that he loved her too. He chased her plane on a motorcycle but he was too late as Annie had already left Beverly Hills


  • Annie: And how exactly did I ruin your life? Liam: By being in it! (5x20)


  • Liam and Annie are compared to Beverly Hills 90210 Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay as like Annie and Liam, Brenda and Dylan didn't end up together
  • When Liam proposed to Annie he told her that she was the "first of many women I have ever loved."
  • Liam and Annie were named Hollywood Third Hottest couple for TV series along Chuck and Blair first and Damon and Elena second. 1
  • The Liam and Annie pairing often conflicts with the Liam and Naomi pairing.
  • Liam and Annie have a fan base with people calling them "Lannie" 
  • Lannie has been a popular pairing throughout the 90210 run.
  • When Annie came to visit Liam at the bar to tell him she missed him, she said, "Maybe you'll even ask me some time, third time's a charm, right?". In the season 5 finale, Liam plans to propose but he is too late
  • Liam slept with two of Annie's friends, Naomi and Silver
    • Annie took a bullet for Liam and told him not to feel guilty and told him, "Bad things will keep happening because they are a part of life"
    • Liam slept with two of Annie's friends
    • Liam allowed her to take the blame for what he did with Jen

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