The episode opened with the Melrose Place Apartment Complex having a pool party. Billy Campbell is thrown into the pool by everyone of celebration of him getting a job writing for a low-tier newspaper. Michael Mancini came home and announced that he saved someone's life at the hospital, at which point he was thrown into the pool, too.

Jane found out she was pregnant and told Alison, but had not told Michael. Michael had not wanted to have a baby right away, so Jane considered having an abortion. After she made the decision to go forward with the abortion, the women in the building were very supportive. As Alison and Sandy waited outside in the waiting room, Sandy shared her own experience of getting an abortion earlier in her life. She also wished that she had a friend like Alison back in the time she was referring to in her story.

When Rhonda inadvertently told Michael that Jane was getting an abortion, he and Jane had an explosive argument in which Jane stormed out of the apartment. The guys and girls went on separate treks with support all around. Michael and Jane reunited and moved forward with the prospect of having a baby together.


Billy got cold feet

Billy started getting down on himself because he hadn't lived an extraordinary life and had nothing to write about for his paper. While at Shooters, he met a man who had whiplash from bungee-jumping and was intrigued. He then recruited Jake and Matt to go bungee-jumping with him. However, despite Matt and Jake both following through the jump, Billy began having nightmares about it and decided not to go through with it at the last second. he later apologized to his friends for not following through, but they were very understanding and stated that they had enjoyed the trip. Billy later wrote his article with success.


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