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Law and Disorder is the 22nd episode of the Eighth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Noah's civil trial begins. His attorney portrays Valerie as a golddigging tramp, and uses the gang's testimony to place Noah in a favorable light. Josh's testimony reflects very badly on Noah, and Val wins the case. Everyone apologizes to Valerie and turns against Noah. While rummaging through Josh's belongings in search of more pills, Donna discovers a prescription for Rohypnol. Josh admits that he drugged Valerie, and Noah offers to help Val build a case against him. David's record company experiences a shake-up. The new reprensentative forces Jasper out of the band and turns over all creative control to David. Jasper accuses David of treachery. Unable to meet her deadline, the disoriented Donna steals designs from a co-worker. Noah finds Donna passed out on her living room floor.




  • Lindsay Price as Janet Sosna
  • Michael Trucco as Josh Hunter
  • Michael Durrell  as Dr. John Martin
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Robert Gwinnet
  • Paul Popowich as Jasper McQuade
  • Robert Pine  Robert Pine   as Harold Kay
  • Season Hubley  as Ms. Evans
  • Yorgo Constantine  as Frank Saunders
  • Nicole Cannon  as Danielle
  • Karen Stone  as Bailiff
  • Tom Huse  as Jury Foreman 


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