Laura Kingman is a recurring character on Season 4 of FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. She is portrayed by Tracy Middendorf.


Laura was introduced as a blind date for Steve Sanders. Although they initially hit it off, Steve broke up with her after they slept together because he was already with Celeste Lundy. Afterwards, Laura began to believe that Steve raped her and had planned to announce this at the "Take Back The Night" rally, but Kelly Taylor, not believing Laura's claims, stood up at the rally and told everyone the story about how Steve saved her from a rapist two years ago on Halloween. Laura decided not to ruin Steve, admitting that she never said "yes", but never said "no", either.

Later in the season, Laura returned competing with Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor for the part of Maggie the Cat in "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" produced by California University. Putting their past behind them, Steve agreed to coach Laura in acting to win the part, although Kelly eventually dropped out of the running.

After a stellar audition, she felt she got the part when Brenda messed up during her turn. However, Brenda later gave director Roy Randolph a private audition, she got the part with Laura becoming her understudy. Unable to cope with losing the part, Laura began sabotaging Brenda, calling her and leaving messages for rehearsal time changes in hopes that Brenda would get fired for not showing up at the appropriate time. She eventually tried to get Steve to injure Brenda in order to take the role, but Steve began to realize Laura had dropped off the deep end.

After the truth was revealed, Roy Randolph publicly fired Laura, kicking her out of his studio. Steve and Brenda later found Laura trying to kill herself in the university theater. While Brenda tried to talk Laura out of hanging herself, Steve grabbed her and prevented her from finishing herself off. (This scene has been shortened in recent broadcasts to remove references to suicide and simply cuts to the next scene after Steve leaves to find help)

Laura was last seen being taken away by medics.