Jim Reilly, played by Tony Denison, was a recurring character introduced in Melrose Place, the second series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, appearing in season 5.

Jim was the convict father of Samantha Reilly. Samantha told Chelsea Fielding a story about she ran away from home because of him at one point in her life. Hours later, he showed up on her doorstep, citing he had been released from prison.

Samantha let him stay with her and Billy Campbell, which caused friction between the two of them. Samantha revealed that it was her testimony that sent her dad to prison when he committed armed robbery and she didn't want to hurt him anymore.

Samantha got Jake Hanson to give Jim a job at Shooters, but he insisted on being paid under the table, which along with Jim's secrecy at being in L.A., raised Billy's suspicions. Jim and Billy did not like each other at all, with Jim accusing Billy of never working hard a day in his life and telling him he didn't approve him being with his daughter.

Later, however, the police showed up looking for him, telling Samantha that he had escaped from prison. Jim stated he had enemies in prison, which is why he had to escape, but pleaded with Samantha to help him leave town, which she reluctantly agreed to do.

Later, Jim was said to have gone to Chicago, but Billy followed Samantha to a hotel where he was staying in the area. After Billy confronted Jim and heated words were exchanged, Jim agreed to get out of town and said goodbye to Samantha. However, he showed up at her work the next day angry and belligerent, threatening Samantha not to choose sex over family.

Even after Billy and Samantha were arrested and questioned, Jim returned and demanded ten thousand dollars or he'd tell the cops they'd been helping him all along. After Billy cleaned out his savings account, he met with Jim at a laundry mat. Jim took the money, but assaulted Billy and told him he wasn't leaving without Samantha.

After being set up by Samantha to be captured, Jim was onto the double-cross and skipped out to Mexico. However, he doubled back and took Samantha hostage at gunpoint. As they were speeding away in the car, a police chase ensued with Samantha and Jim struggling over the steering wheel. As a result, they veered off the road and crashed into the wedding of Craig Field and Sydney Andrews, hitting Sydney and supposedly killing, though it would later be revealed she faked her death with the help of Michael Mancini.

Jim died on impact during the accident.