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Jim Mcdohpy is a recurring character on Season 4 of CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Stephen Amell.


Jim is an old friend of Liam Court who worked with him on a fishing boat for a summer and was presumed dead after an accident had him lost at sea. He arrives in Los Angeles looking for his wife Jane after spending several weeks recovering from his accident.

He first encounters Adrianna Tate-Duncan on her break outside of The Offshore, striking up a conversation, which at first seemed friendly. After his questions turned towards Liam and Jane, however, Adrianna got a little spooked by his demeanor and went back into the bar. She later saw him hanging around outside the bar and believed him to be a stalker, which caused her to sleep inside the bar on the couch out of fear.

However, Jim later reveals himself to Adrianna, as well as Liam and Jane later. When he is not told that Liam and Jane were together right away, tension rose leading to a fight between Liam and Jim. They later make up and Jim reunites with Jane before they both leave Liam behind, starting their lives over together.

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