Jasper McQuade was a recurring character played by Paul Popowich on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in Season 8.

Jasper was the lead singer of Jasper's Law, a band which David Silver was also a member. The band had some issues, most notably with a member named Mark, who got high and crashed a car, only to blame Peach Pit After Dark owner Noah Hunter. After he blackmailed David into keeping his mouth shut about seeing him outside the club getting high, Jasper kicked him out of the band and kept David.

After Valerie Malone got date raped, David neglected his duties with the band and Jasper informed David they were planning on getting rid of him. However, little known to him, a record executive, Frank Saunders, was secretly trying to sign David, but not Jasper.

Jasper confronted David after Frank secretly recorded David singing some of Jasper's songs. Jasper warned David that he would crash and burn. Jasper later ran into Brandon Walsh and hinted that David's song getting as much airplay as it did wasn't legitimate.

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