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Jasper is a West Beverly High Student, who is the nephew of the man Annie ran over on the Season 1 finale. He is also a drug dealer and the one whom Adriana gets her drugs from in Season 2. Annie feeling guilty for killing his uncle befriends Jasper. Both of them being outsiders, he and Annie become close and eventually start a relationship.  Due to Navid's allegations that he is a drug dealer both of Annie's parents forbid her to see him anymore, though she doesn't obey them. It is eventually revealed that he knew Annie was the one who had killed his Uncle all along. Later on in Season 2 he is seen pressuring Annie to stay with him and saying they are "soulmates". Annie however does not want to continue the realationship, but is blackmailed by Jasper, who has photographic evidence of her hit and run incident. He then tries to commit sucide because he can't live without Annie. He survives and promises to keep Annie's secret. He later returned and told Annie he was an outcast until he met her and he never expected to fall in love. Annie forgives him but rejects his offer to be friends. Later when Liam takes Annie to his boat for a date, Jasper see's them and becomes jealous. So when Liam takes Annie home he lights the boat on fire. He is last seen when Liam is punching him. Japer also appears in the 100th episode of the series 902-100 where he attends the West Beverly High Alumni Event.

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