Jason is a minor character on 90210. He is portrayed by Chris Zylka.


Jason is Annie's ex-boyfriend, who lives in Kansas. Naomi invites him to Annie's 16th birthday party, to get back at Annie for dating Naomi's ex-boyfriend, Ethan. Jason returns in the episode We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore.

Season 1

He is mentioned in the Pilot by Annie saying she has to leave the school play and her boyfriend, in the second episode Annie and Jason broke up by the telephone.

In Games People Play while shopping, Naomi asks Annie about her ex-boyfriend from Kansas. Annie says that his name was Jason. While in the dressing room, Naomi takes Annie's phone from her purse and copies Jason's phone number.After school, Annie comes home and finds her ex-boyfriend, Jason hanging out in the pool. Naomi comes in and tells her that he is her birthday present. Jason tells Annie that Naomi called him and offered to pay for his flight from Kansas. That night at the restaurant Annie begins telling the waiter what she wants while Jason anticipates and finishes her order. Naomi tells Jason that she is surprised how he knows Annie's little details. Ethan becomes uncomfortable during the dinner. Jason says that he is thinking about going to UCLA.

After dinner, Jason comes home to stay with the Wilsons. Annie goes to brush her teeth and is met by Jason. He says that he never forgot about Annie and gives her a kiss. Dixon calls for Jason to play some video games. Jason says goodnight to Annie then hangs out with Dixon.n the morning, Jason has breakfast with Debbie and Harry. They leave and tell Jason good luck as Annie arrives at the table. Jason tells Annie that he is going to a campus tour at UCLA. Annie tells him that since they broke up, she moved on. She says that the kiss last night took her by surprise. Jason says that he should fly back home, but Annie says that he is still her friend and should stay for her party.

At the party Naomi spots Ethan and Annie kissing. She sees Jason and calls him over to the window to watch. Jason is shocked that Annie moved on. Naomi pretends that this is the first time she found out and storms off. Jason follows her. Annie and Ethan try to find Naomi to tell her the truth.And they find Naomi with Jason making out in bed. Jason tells Annie that he freaked out when he saw her kissing Ethan and that he is going to fly out that night, He apologizes to Annie and leaves to Kansas.

Season 5

After Annie is shot, she hallucinates an alternate reality in which she never came to Beverly Hills. In this reality, she is engaged to Jason and living in Kansas with him in a dream.


Annie Wilson

Jason is Annie's ex boyfriend from Kansas is the first boyfriend she had. Annie mentions him in the Pilot episode feeling sorry to leave her boyfriend and her life in Kansas. They have broken up in the next episode by telephone when they decide not to have a long distance relationship, later Naomi brings Jason to Beverlly Hills as a surprise to Annie and Jason confess to her that he still in love with her. He kisses her but she pushes him away and tells him the she has moved on. Later Annie finds Jason kissing Naomi in her bedroom and after that Jason goes back to Kansas.