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Jamie played by Travis Van Winkle is a recurring character seen on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.


Jamie is a "football/frat" student at California University who dates Naomi.


Season 2

Silver and Adrianna invite Naomi to lunch on the lawn at the CU campus. There Naomi gets a football thrown at her. She throws it back to a cute guy who happen to Jamie the stare at each other and freaks out when she realizes that she is wearing sweat pants. That night Back at the campus, Naomi looks for the building that is holding the film screening. The student with the football introduces himself to Naomi and says his name is Jamie. He admits he purposely threw the football at her just to get a chance to meet her. He says he plays for CU and invites her to go to a football game. Richard arrives and Jamie says that he is his roommate. Richard and Naomi head off to the movie. For Halloween Naomi breaks off her faux relationship with Richard and asks Jamie to the Halloween party.

Using a sexy voice, Naomi practices her Clark After Dark show with Jamie. Naomi gets a call from Navid, but she ignores him. Richard walks in with his mom who is the Dean of Admissions. She tells Naomi that she knows she canceled her cocktail party date with Richard. Later While Naomi and Jamie eat dinner, Naomi says she is upset that Richard saw them together. She says she is worried about his mom. She asks him what he thinks and explains she is the Dean of Admissions. Jamie figures that Naomi was using Richard to get close to his mom. Naomi explains she wanted the best shot possible to get into the school, but realized she made a mistake. Jamie explains that Richard has been beating himself up for over a week and since she is a user, he doesn't want to see her.

The next day Naomi finds Jamie waiting for her at school. He says he is impressed she apologized to Richard. He says he overreacted and can't stay mad at her. He admits he is falling for her. Naomi says it was her dream to meet someone like him, but she is still hung up with someone else. Jamie gets in his car and drives off.

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