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Illegal Tender is the 16th episode of Season 8 on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


David tries to makes amends meet to musical artist Jamie Blake after his first music review gets her fired from her job and he tries to get her to perform at the After Dark. Meanwhile, the greedy Valerie ignores Noah's decree to halt the betting at the After Dark, with serious consequences when they both get arrested after the police raid the place. Steve suffers after he and Brandon try to assess Kelly's potential reaction if Brandon tells the truth about his fling with Emma after she threatens to reveal it with an audio tape, and Kelly mistakenly thinks Steve is the one having an affair with Emma when she overhears Brandon and Steve talking about it. Also, Carly thinks Steve is irresponsible with Zack, which takes a turn when she herself loses Zack during an outing at a mall with Donna.





 'Runaway' by Jamie Blake. 'Coming Down' and 'You Asked Me' performed by Jamie Blake.

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