I Wanna Reach Out and Grab Ya is the 21st episode of Season 9 of FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


Donna is stunned to learn that her parents have separated and initially thinks Felice's cold, difficult personality is the reason, but Noah finds out that Dr. Martin is having a mid-life crisis and still loves his wife, eventually convincing Donna's dad to return to his wife. Gina gets hit from all sides when a lucrative house-sitting job for Oksaina Baiul ends with her painful firing, Kelly says she loves Dylan while being hypnotized, and she's nearly raped only to have everyone think she's lying about it. Gina and Dylan ultimately reconcile but Kelly and Dylan remain in each other's thoughts. Elsewhere, David finds out the DJ he worshipped has become a shunned dinosaur and contrives to get his hero a second chance, and Steve and Janet do a story on a child prodigy that brings up out some regrets for Janet over her past.




  • Michael Durrell  as Dr. John Martin
  • Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin
  • Shadoe Stevens as Sonny Sharp
  • John William Stevenson as Charlie
  • Susan Mosher as K.T. Liss
  • Peter Deanda as Father Ledley
  • Robert Caso as Rick Miller
  • Brenda Varda as Mrs. Foley
  • Joel Brooks as Dr. Van Fertle
  • Scott Terra as Peter Foley
  • Jackson Price as Mikey


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