How to Be the Jerk Women Love

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"How to Be the Jerk Women Love This is the 11th episode of the Ninth Season of Beverly Hills, 90210.


Gina finds heroin in Dylan's jacket. He throws out his stash to prove himself, but continues to get high. Dylan tries to visit Toni's grave, only to find that it has been moved. He buys a gun and heads for Marchette's house in the hopes of learning the new location. Kelly balks at sleeping with Matt. She helps out with David's radio show and advises listeners to take relationships slowly. She promptly spends the night with Matt. Steve puts on a seminar offering techniques on how to pick up women. His students express dissatisfaction at their results, but David scores with a line about a dead grandmother. Gina stirs up trouble between Donna and her mother.




  • Katherine Cannon as Felice Martin
  •  Kayren Butler as Gertrude
  • Christopher Brown as South Central Drug Dealer
  •  Jayme Gallante as Zimmer
  • Jennie Chester as Marissa


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