Harriet Strathmore, played by Denise Y. Dowse, is a character seen on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in the first season episode The 17 Year Itch.

Harriet is an old friend of Miss Rye and a U.C.L.A. professor who is performing a twin study in which Brandon and Brenda Walsh participate, as well as identical twins, Tommy and Timmy. Her study ends up with tense moments as Brandon and Brenda squabble over their parents' marital struggles coinciding with the arrival of Cindy's old flame, Glen Evans.

Harriet profiles both Brandon and Brenda to a tee, stating that Brandon is uncomfortable with people getting beneath the surface while Brenda is more intuitive. She reports to Miss Rye how great they were and that they were two peas in a pod and cared deeply about their family.

Denise Dowse would later play West Beverly Hills High School principal Yvonne Teasley.

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