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Gwyneth Adair was a recurring character played by Sarah Aldrich on Beverly Hills, 90210, the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. She appeared in Season 8.

Gwyneth was a childhood friend and old girlfriend of Noah Hunter. She lived in San Francisco and worked for a software company in marketing. She was 23 years old when she appeared on the show and was known for dumping all of her boyfriends once she got sick of them. However, what she wanted was Noah all along.

Despite the fact that he was with Donna Martin, Gwyneth pursued Noah and he fulfilled a promise to ride a Ferris wheel with her, where she kissed him.

They arrived at the Peach Pit After Dark, where Noah and Donna fought over the kiss. Later, David Silver was drunk and waving around a gun when he fired and a bullet ricocheted off of a dumpster and hit Gwyneth in the arm. They rushed her to the hospital.

She stayed in Los Angeles a little longer to heal her wounds, staying at the Beach House with Donna and Kelly. Still wanting to get her claws into Noah, she got advice from Valerie Malone on how to accomplish landing him. She sabotaged Donna's fashion show. Later, she had feelings of guilt, but Noah overheard her admitting to Valerie what she did. Noah was upset with her, but ultimately told her it was time to go home, which it was assumed she did.

Sarah Aldrich later played the role of Madison Stewart's mother on the spinoff, 90210.

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