Griffin Stone is a recurring character on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210. He is portrayed by Casper Van Dien.


Griffin was a member of the KEG fraternity with Steve Sanders and was set up with Donna Martin by her mother, Felice. He approached her at a frat party before their blind date and two had some sparks, but Donna was unaware he was the same man as her blind date. Griffin surprised her when he showed up with his mother, Nanette, and the two began dating. However, Griffin soon showed his true colors when he whisked Donna away and tried to seduce her. Donna broke things off with Griffin in order to see Ray Pruit.

From then on, Griffin was seen as a condescending snob, talking down to Ray Pruit and belittling Donna's decision. He started to butt heads with Steve Sanders as they planned a party in a house owned by Stone Realty, Griffin's family business. When the house burned down due to Griffin's negligence, legal action was taken against both him and Steve. After Griffin lied about getting permission from his father to use the house, Steve found out that Griffin had stolen the key and the two were given 100 hours of community service and prohibited from organizing parties for two years. After the sentencing, Steve threatened Griffin and he left the KEG house.