George Evans is a minor character on Season 1 of CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Kellan Lutz.


George is a lacrosse teammate of Ethan Ward and was the one who found out Ryan Matthews was dating Kimberly MacIntyre, which led to Matthews' brief leave of absence.

Season 1

In the series premiere during an early lacrosse practice game at school, a brief fight broke out when Dixon was assaulted by George. After Ethan and Naomi broke up, Naomi start going out with Geroge cts like she's doing this to make Ethan jealous. That night, Ethan and Naomi meet and Ethan confronts her about the rumors of her liason with George. He can't believe that she could do that, with George of all people. He then tells her that he realizes now why he cheated on her to begin with.

New student Kimberly MacIntyre sits down and George tells her that he is working to get her some 'party favors she ask him.Later that day More people start to show up at Silver's house. George arrives and finds Kim there. He gives her a beer and she tells him that she thought that he would hook him up with something stronger. George then spots Adriana and tries to give her a beer to celebrate her getting out of rehab,then he meets with Kim and asks her to swap shirts like Annie and Naomi did earlier but Kim gets disgusted at him and leaves the party. Later, Kim meets with Ryan, who was called to pick her up. Kim tells him that she called a colleague to break up the party. George sees Kim getting into Ryan's car and thinks that there is something going on between them.The next day, George meets with Ryan about going back in to the Lacrosse team. George asks him to give him an A in class or he will let everyone know about his relationship with Kim.

The next day George has texted everyone about seeing Kim getting into Ryan's car. In Love Me or Leave Me School is canceled and West Bev have a beach party were George approaches to Adriana and Naomi and tells Adriana that he heard that she is back on the tracks.That night George tells Navid that Adriana is a druggie. Navid attacks George and Adrianna pulls him away.