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Dr. George Ephardt was a fictional character on the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity. He appeared in Season 3.

Ephardt was the head of school board in Season 3 and put forth a motion to restrict wardrobe for West Beverly Hills High School students without putting it on the agenda. Brandon Walsh and Andrea Zuckerman were in attendance, along with Felice Martin, who agreed with his motion. However, Andrea stood up and strongly disagreed, but Ephardt dismissed her casually. He then put forth the motion that anyone found intoxicated on prom night would be suspended and would not graduate.

When Donna Martin passed out at prom due to having too much to drink, Ephardt met with Mrs. Teasley, John Martin, and Felice to condescendingly question Donna about her prom night. He then made the decision to suspend her and meet with the board that night.

Ephardt led the board while John and Felice Martin appealed the decision. As Donna was apologizing for her actions, Brandon Walsh and Andrea Zuckerman led a protest to the board meeting, disrupting the proceedings and angering Ephardt to call a recess. He refused to listen to Yvonne Teasley, who stuck up for Donna.

He then sent a message via Mrs. Teasley to protest leader Brandon Walsh that unless they left, everyone would be suspended. Dylan McKay told Mrs. Teasley to send Ephardt a message that summer school registration would break records this year.

Ephardt became increasingly erratic due to the protest, alienating many board members, including Melanie Silverman. After a tense exchange between Ephardt and Brandon, the board decided to let Donna graduate with Ephardt obviously angry.

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