Friends & Lovers is the 2nd episode of Season 1 on FOX drama soap Melrose Place.


The episode opened with Billy Campbell and Alison Parker discussing the pass Hal Barber made at her. Alison was dreading facing him at work. When she got there, however, she found out someone else had fired charges against him.

Billy showed up later at her work, stating he got a job driving a cab. He later picked up Marcy Garrett, who needed a ride to the Valley. Billy and Marcy found they had a lot in common. Before long, they found themselves back at Billy's apartment. Alison came home from work and found them making out on the couch. Alison was repeatedly annoyed with her being at the apartment all the time.

Jake Hanson came storming out of his apartment in a towel and banged on the door of Michael Mancini and demanded he fix the plumbing as the entire complex watched. Jake later approached him as he was fixing the plumbing and made up with him.

Kelly Taylor showed up at Shooters to meet Jake for lunch, but Sandy Harling told her Jake was at the unemployment office and to go ahead and order without him. Jake never showed, so Kelly tracked him down at the unemployment office, where Jake was arrested for causing a scene. Kelly went to bail him out, only to learn that he had a prior record of arrest.
Later, the complex had a pool party, where Marcy socialized with everyone, including Steve Sanders, who was there hitting on Sandy.

Billy began to feel a little smothered. After a talk with Jake, he went to find Kelly and apologize to her. They took a motorcycle ride to the beach and talked.

Billy and Alison shared a tender moment, deciding that they could talk as friends if the other felt compelled to do so, since Billy had talked to Jake earlier about his issues with Marcy.


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