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Friends, Lovers and Children is the 9th episode of Season 8 on FOX teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


Brandon and Kelly are surprised when they find Erica Steele, Dylan's younger half-sister, working the streets at a hooker and they turn to a social worker, named Pam, to help them find Erica. Meanwhile, Steve is struck with uncertainty after he is mistaken to be Zack's father, which takes an unexpected turn when a pregnant girlfriend from his past claims that her unborn child is his. In a desperate attempt to hold onto the After Dark, David meets with Everett Sands, a loan shark, and Donna finally learns about David's financial problems after she discovers that David has forged her signature on her checks to pay for the building's rent. After breaking up with Valerie, an angry and frustrated Noah lands in jail after a drunken barroom brawl. Brandon bails Noah out of jail who tells him his secret past of being a heir to a vast fortune, which he ran away from since his family holds Noah responsible for the death of his fiancée in a drunk driving accident years ago.




  • Myles Jeffrey as Zach Reynolds
  • Fatima Lowe as Terri Spar
  • Nancy Moonves  as Pam Ahern
  • Johna Stewart-Bowden as Erica Steele
  • Jessica Collins  as Jody Carlisle
  • Robert Torti as Everett Sands
  • Jason Fijal   as Ricky
  • Leonard Donato  as Jerry Fogle 
  • Vincent Irizarry as Riggs
  • Erick Weiss as Wally
  • Tom Finnegan as Georgie
  • Nicole Maringer  as Margo

Music: 'Wrong Way' by Sublime.

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