Fortune Cookie is the 20th episode of Season 9 of FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, 90210.


David and Claudia proceed with plans for their wedding, and attempt to document their relationship to avoid suspicion. Claudia realizes that David is having doubts; she elects to return to Venezuela and apply for another visa. Dylan rigs a raffle so that Kelly can have the opportunity to meet her favorite singer. Gina goes to the man's hotel room, claiming to be Kelly. She spends the night at the hotel to make Dylan jealous, although she later insists that nothing happened. Kelly helps Matt film a television commercial to solicit new clients. Matt fears that Kelly does not like him for himself, and suspects that she is hung up on Dylan. Donna designs costumes for a production at West Beverly, where an acquaintance accuses the drama teacher of molesting her during her teen years. Donna does not believe her claims, until the woman explains that she drove Donna away from the drama class to protect her. Donna and Ashley take action after discovering that the teacher made inappropriate advances toward a current student. A psychic, bitter over her firing by The Beat, makes a prediction that causes Steve to develop performance anxiety.




  • Christina Fredlund as Claudia
  •  Shonda Farr as Holly
  •  Richard Danielson as Cole Younger
  • Matthew Faison as Dr. Mortimer
  • Melissa Greenspan as Zoe
  • Leigh J. McCloskey as Mr. Bigelow
  •  Ashley Laurence as Ashley Reese
  • Aaron Paul as Chad


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