After Michael and Jane returned to the complex from a jog, they ran into Jake Hanson, who was working on his motorcycle. Michael warned him about the rent being due and Jake grew frustrated and told him he'd find a job by the end of the day. He got a quick job at a cappuccino shop, but an old friend, Perry Morgan stopped by and he took a break to catch up with her. He ended up quitting his new job to run an art scam with her, but when he found out she was using drugs, he severed their relationship. Jake later sold his motorcycle for the extra money. He was hired as a mechanic once the guy at the garage called the man who put it together an artist.

Alison met a new co-worker, Rick Danworth, the son of a higher-up who took an interest in her and asked her on a date. When Rick showed up for the date, Billy acted protective of Alison, which annoyed Alison. However, he stole one of her ideas and presented it to Lucy Cabot as his own, which infuriated Alison. Lucy later let them present separate ideas. Alison's was well-received, but Rick's was terrible. However, Alison mercifully let him use one of her secondary ideas to present. Lucy congratulated her on her integrity.

Matt Fielding and Rhonda Blair had their friendship strained when she became unreliable. She double-booked herself with her class and Matt's youth center, unable to keep her promise to him. Matt found her to be self-absorbed, but Rhonda derided him for never being part of her life and not even knowing what she did for a living. They later made amends after Matt attended one of her aerobics classes for the first time. Later, Rhonda helped him work at the center and the two best friends were reunited.


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